“Zal Owen as Louis anchors the show with his boyish sincerity, commanding singing and focused acting.”

-Theater Scene

“Each character [Owen plays] is well defined by this excellent actor who created three distinct personalities. In addition to impressive dramatic skills, he has a wonderful voice.”

-NightLife Exchange

“Owen is eminently likable.”

-This Week in NY


“...The pitch-perfect and touching Zal Owen... Owen conveys Eugene’s combination of naiveté and wisdom with his huge brown eyes, his confiding voice, his string bean of a body, and his instant connection with us.  His memoirs may be top secret where the other men are concerned, but endearingly, he is an open book to us.”

-Shoreline Times

“Chief among the assets of this Biloxi Blues is the perfect casting of Zal Owen as Eugene... Watching how [Eugene] goes about fulfilling these goals proves to be a delight.  Owen is just about ideal as Eugene.  He brings a nice sense of humor to the role as the audience watches the action of the play through his eyes.”

-Talkin’ Broadway

“Leading this cast is Zal Owen as Eugene.  He give the role the dimension it needs and interacts marvelously with his fellow cast mates”

-Theater Mirror


“Owen keeps [Abe] present, engaged, and a challenge Amir’s world view”

-Broadway World Pennsylvania

“Zal Owen offers up the perfect combination of youthful anger and fear.”

-Lancaster Online

Che in EVITA

“Zal Owen gives a fantastic performance as Che. Not only did my wonder of his beautiful voice (with what a range!) linger well past the end of certain songs, I was really impressed by how ardently he sought Eva's descent and almost viciously at times reveled in his opinion that she was nothing more than an actress winning over her crowds.”

-Broadway World Boston

“Zal Owen is riveting as Che, the political extremist who narrates Evita. He is charismatic and cynical, representing the voice of the peasants that many feel Eva duped in her rise to power.”

-The Cape Codder”

“Zal Owen gives an impressive performance as Che.”

-Cape Cod Times

“Zal Owen engagingly plays Che, the charismatic and cynical narrator of the piece and the moral conscience of the story. Like a pesky fly on the wall, he constantly taunts Eva, accusing her of being a master manipulator and using the people for her own gain.”

-The Barnstable Patriot News


“Zal Owen as Marty was hysterical.”


“Strong actors abound in the production and most have excellent singing voices. (I have no hesitation singling out Zal Owen in this regard.)”


“Zal Owen keeps limber as the frantic ex-boyfriend Marty.”

-Ladue News

“The young folks are impressive... Her comic foil is the funny and charming Zal Owen as bride Rebecca’s ex-boyfriend Marty, who shows up at the wedding to try and stop it.”

-Belleville News


“[Zal] Owen displayed a wonderfully lithe physicality as the frantic nephew, Mortimer.”

-Fayetteville Observer

Judah in 210 AMLENT AVENUE

“[Zal] Owen paints an amiable picture of a man at a crossroads in his life and who’s willing to fight to go down the right path; it’s a refreshing portrayal, showing us how someone can be at once constrained and freed by the responsibility he adopts.”

-Talkin’ Broadway


“Zal Owen has a full, rich leading man voice that should often be employed.”

-Playing Around

Charlie in LOVE ME

“Zal Owen is charmingly frantic as Charlie.  He sustains the right amount of balance between silliness and seriousness.”

-Theater Scene

Motel in FIDDLER ON THE ROOF - National Tour

“Owen's Motel is truthful and engaging, and his 'Miracle of Miracles' is truly one of the high points of the evening.”

-Putting It Together, Atlanta

“Stand-out supporting performances include… As Tzeitel's beloved, the tailor Motel, Zal Owen conveys his character's mounting self-confidence, and delivers solidly on his solo ‘Miracle of Miracles.’”

-Talkin’ Broadway

“Zal Owen’s Motel maintained an adorable balance between a young man in love craving a father’s approval and a slightly nerdy, but still hard-working suitable husband… Owen’s Motel was completely genuine.”

-We Love DC

“Zal Owen has a spring in his step and a youthful exuberance that fit Motel Kamzoil like a glove.”

-News and Thoughts, DC